Multi-Platform Barcode Reader Toolkit for .Net Standard on Docker

All the benefits of the Softek Barcode Reader Toolkit

  • Licensed for .Net Standard with Docker
  • Subscription license model
  • Royalty free distribution with your apps
  • Includes 1 Developer License
  • Supports TIF, JPG and PDF(**)
  • Multi-platform support: Windows (x86, 64-bit), OSX (Intel or arm) and Linux (x86, 64-bit or arm)

Download from Nuget.

Get a free 30-day license key from

**PDF files supported through configurable external call to a conversion tool such as gs. PDF files cannot be split in this product.

Add barcode recognition to your Docker app’s with our .Net Standard interface with seamless native support for Windows, OSX and Linux on either Intel or ARM. Available as a Nuget package it’s never been simpler to add barcode recognition to your app.

After adding the Nuget package to your app just add the following lines of code:

SoftekBarcodeNetStandard.BarcodeReader barcode = new SoftekBarcodeNetStandard.BarcodeReader();
barcode.LicenseKey = “Get a license key from”;
// Turn on some barcopde types
barcode.ReadQRCode = true;
// Set the path to the gs command for PDF files
barcode.gsPath = “/path/to/gs”;
int n = barcode.ScanBarCode(@”myfile.jpg”);
for (int i = 1; i <= n; i++) { string barcode = barcode.GetBarString(i); }

Other Features

  • Fast detection of 1-D & 2-D barcodes.
  • Read files from either disc or memory.
  • Read multiple barcodes.
  • Read barcodes in any direction.


  • Returns number, value, type and position for each barcode.
  • Supports color and black & white images.
  • Support for multi-threaded applications.
  • Free 30-day evaluation licenses.
  • Image filters to enhance barcode detection.
  • Optimize barcode search area.
  • Tune performance parameters.
  • Regular expression matching.