Will my license key expire after 12 months?

No. All of our license keys (except for evaluation) are perpetual. They will not expire.

How long will I get support for after purchase?

All of our licenses include 12 months support cover.

How long will I get free upgrades for after purchase?

You get free upgrades for the next 12 months after purchase.

How much does support and upgrade cover cost after 12 months?

Approximately 20% of the initial retail license cost for another 12 months cover with a minimum charge of $99 USD and a maximum of $799 USD in bands of $99, $149, $199, $299 etc.

How do I renew my support and upgrade cover?

We will contact you sometime during the month before your cover expires. Our email will include a purchase link for renewing your support and upgrade cover.

How does support work?

All of our support is by email to support@bardecode.com. Please include as much information as you can that may help us with your problem. Sample images (even with redacted information) are very useful. We do not offer any telephone support. If you call our telephone number for support you will be asked to email your support query to support@bardecode.com. You should get a first response with 1 UK working day (i.e. Mon to Fri excluding UK public holidays).