Barcode reader software, read barcodes from images

Toolkits and applications for reading barcode values from images (TIF/JPG/PDF). We have toolkits for Windows, Linux and mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Our BardecodeFiler application can be used to rename and split files according to barcode value.

Download and evaluate for free! 30 day trial licenses available upon request. Click here for a full list of download links. All downloads are full versions.

Click here to view the price list for our software. Distribution licenses are available for all of our toolkits. We also offer licenses for desktop systems and servers with volume discounts.

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Need to learn more about our SDK or barcode reading in general? Check out our knowledge base.

Our ready-to-use application requires no development. Split and rename documents based on barcode value. Get instant results. Click here to find out more.

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Barcode Reader Software Development Kits

Barcode Reader Toolkit for Windows
Barcode Reader Toolkit for Windows
SDK / Windows
Barcode Reader Toolkit for Linux
Barcode Reader Toolkit for Linux
Linux / SDK
Barcode Reader Toolkit for Mobile Platforms
Barcode Reader Toolkit for Mobile Platforms
Android / iPhone / SDK

Want a ready-to-use Application?

Don’t want to do all that development work? Try BardecodeFiler, a ready to use application that splits and renames TIF, JPEG and PDF documents according to barcode value. The full power of our SDK in an application.

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