Welcome to the purchase page for BardecodeFiler…

Desktop License for using the BardecodeFiler interactive application…
Volume discounts available.
$249 – Buy
Desktop & Windows Service for using the BardecodeFiler Windows service… $399 – Buy
Site License for unlimited use of BardecodeFiler at a single location… $4499 – Buy

Please select the type of license you wish to purchase. Note that if you only wish to use the BardecodeFiler Windows interactive application (shown below) then you only need to purchase a Desktop license. However, if you purchase the Desktop License then you cannot use the BardecodeFiler Windows Service.

All licenses include 12 months support and upgrade cover. After 12 months you can choose to renew cover (at roughly 20% of purchase price or $99, whichever is the larger) or continue to use your license without cover.

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