Purchase licenses for the Softek Barcode Reader Toolkit for Linux/OSX/ARM/RaspberryPi – an SDK for software developers.

without PDF Ext with PDF Ext
Desktop Developer/Run-Time License (Volume discounts available)… $249 – Buy $399 – Buy
Server Run-Time License (Volume discounts available)… $999 – Buy $1499 – Buy
Site License (Unlimited everything at a single location)… $2999 – Buy $3999 – Buy
Distribution License(?) (Includes one developer license)… $2999 – Buy $4499 – Buy

You can purchase licenses with or without support for Adobe PDF files.

A Site license provides unlimited licenses at a single location.

A Distribution License provides 1 developer license and up to 1000 run-time desktop licenses per year. This is the ideal license if you wish to embed the toolkit in your application and distribute without paying any further fees. Please contact us for a price if you require more than 1000 run-time licenses per year.

All licenses include 12 months support and upgrade cover. After 12 months you can choose to renew cover (at roughly 20% of purchase price or $99, whichever is the larger) or continue to use your license without cover.

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